From Principal's Desk:

  • Hooghly Women's College is the oldest and largest women's college of Hooghly District.Dr. Sumita Bajpai
  • The "Mission House of Scott Mission, established in 1943 has taken the shape of women's college with the endeavor of local educationists, specially Sri Nripendranath Dhar.
  • College was established with B.A stream only and the subjects introduced were Bengali, English, Sanskrit, History, Logic, Civics and Mathematics. The subject Logic has now changed into Philosophy and Civics into Economics. Pol. Science(G) was introduced in 1961.
  • But Pol. Sc(Hons), Education(G) & Music(G) has been introduced in 2006, Music(Hons) in 2009 only.
  • Science Courses were introduced in 1959 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics only. Extension of Honours in Physics was introduced in 1978, Honours in Chemistry in 2004 and in 2006 Honours in Mathematics and Microbiology was introduced.
  • College Computer Centre came into existence in 2001 by MOU with Institute of Computer Engineers(India). It offers Basic Course of Computer, Spoken English and Multimedia.

Decentralisation of Administration:

  • IQAC Cell : Dr. Sukanta Ganguly(Co-ordinator), Dr. S. Santra(Geography Dept.), Dr. Alpana Bandyapadhyay(Dept. of Physics), Dr. Sikha Bhattacharya(Dept. of Chemistry), Prof. Kabita Dey & Prof. S. B. Adhikari(Dept. of English).

Important Committees to help the Principal:

  • Academic Committee: All the H.O.D's hold a meeting normally before admission, commencement of academic session and in case of any emergent situation related with the change of syllabus, introduction of new method of assessment etc. along with the Head Clerk and one G.B member from Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Routine Committee: Prof. Kabita Dey, Prof. Sulekha Roy for B.A stream and Dr. Sikha Bhattacharya, Prof. Purnananda Roy, Prof. Anindita Sengupta and Prof. Sujata Das for B.Sc stream.
  • Finance Committee: Dr. D. K. Sinha(University Nominee), Prof. Nirmal Kr. Bhattacharya(Govt. Nominee), Dr. Sikha Bhattacharya(T.R), Dr. Sukanta Ganguly(T.R & Bursar), Prof. S. B. Adhikari(T.R), Sri. Jayanta Das(N.T.R) and Dr. Sumita Bajpai(Principal)
  • Building Committee: Asst. Engineer(P.W.D), Siksha Karmadakshya of Hooghly Zilla Parishad, Dr. D. K. Sinha(President, G.B & University Nominee), Prof. Pinaki Shankar Chattopadhyay(T.R), Secretary of Teacher's Council, Dr. Sukanta Ganguly(T.R member of G.B), Head Clerk, Accountant & Principal.
  • Centre Committee(for Examination): Asst. Officer-In-Charges of B.A/B.Sc Part I, II & III (New Regulation) Examination, with Bursar, T.C.S., 1 T.R of G.B, Venue-in-Charges of College Examinations, Accountant, Head Clerk & Principal.
  • Purchase Committee: H.O.Ds of all Lab-based subjects, Dr. Sukanta Ganguly(T.R of G.B, Bursar, Bursar), Sri G. S. Mallick(Accountant), Prof. Nirmal Bhattacharya(Govt. Nominee) and Principal.
  • Research Committee: Dr. Sikha Bhattacharya, Dr. Alpana Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Sukanta Ganguly, Dr. Nandini Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Shyamapada Santra & Dr. Sumita Bajpai(Principal).

Internal Administration:

It is maintained through Teacher's Council, Academic Committee, Library Committee, Staff Council(N.T.S) & Student's Council. But Governing Body is the Supreme Authority to ratify any type of resolution taken by any body.

Personal Management:

  • Work diary for all categories of staff have been introduced.
  • Part-Timers have been provided in different departments after estimation of work-load of Full-Timers as well as the classes allotted are not sufficient for the students.
  • Casual staff have been permitted in consideration of vacent posts of Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Centre Committee is formed in consulation with the Teacher's Council. The Committee consists of the Asst. Officer-in-Charges for the forth coming University Examinations along with one G.B member each of T.S & N.T.S, one Doctor and D.M's nominee.
  • Selected teachers also act as the Programme Officer of the two NSS Units, Science Centre of the college and Women's Cell.

Financial Management:

  • Finance Committee estimates the income-expenditure, budgeting, purchase etc.
  • Office Maintains good financial practice by keeping the Cash book up to Date, payment by cheque, minimum liquid cash handling and maintaining stock book.
  • Computerisation of the office with LAN system is on process.











Principal's Desk
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